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June 21, 2020 by
NYC has reopened so we are now back to shooting the thickest models and strippers on the planet. Granted we do all shoots now wearing N95 masks and face shields but if that's what it takes to shoot new models, that's what we gotta do. OMG Delene Smith asked me to help her oil up that ass, but due to social distancing rules, I had to refuse. LOL, SMH! Discipline like Mr Spock!!!!!!!!!! DELENE SMITH IS NOW 210 POUNDS!!!! Yep she just entered the HEAVYWEIGHT CLASS! Enjoy these new pics. Downloadable DVD coming around mid July! ZARA GO NOW TWERKS LIKE A PRO! She came correct for round 2, I was stunned how she was moving that ass! Downloadable DVD coming around mid July! NEW CAMERAS! We upgraded from our Lumix G3 and G5 to a Lumix FZ300 and ZS80. They definitely have crisper 1920x1080 video and we could even shoot 4K if there was a real demand for it. We can also shoot super slo mo at 120 FPS which is fun. Does anybody really wanna see 4K?

December 28, 2020 by
New fan fav fav YRB Rabi Downloadable DVD just released. No doubt she is a winner. Get it here

December 28, 2020 by
SugLips is a brand new dancer coming in January 2021. Her all natural curves, pretty face and sexy booty are amazing, Her nickname is the arch queen. What she does with that Hennessy bottle is amazing.

October 29, 2019 by
Yes its that time again to hit you with a mix of hotness. We decided to switch things up a little and mix the classics with the new stuff on every New Model Mondays. Right now we are going thru the top Latinas from the past, so as you can see from the pics above, that's why we hit you with Chula, Cinnamon, Katt Garcia, Carmen Ross, Miss L, Cubana, Creamy Caramel, Jaylynn, Lacey and Latin Thickness. Once we finish up with the Latnas we will get to the top Black strippers. Of course Ms Cleo is a hit with fans because her ass shaking skills and the shape of her booty cheeks is CRAZY! New comer and twerker Almost a Millionaire makes her debut and she is no doubt thick as fuck. Candy Da Body and Brittish Heavens Greatest Hits featuring all their dance videos are also available! I think we will be getting away from models who dont wanna go nude. It was a nice phase, but we gotta get back to our roots which is NUDE STRIPPERS!! Get them Downloadable DVDS NOW and stream or download FOREVER!! VOLUME 2 - JUDII BOOTY and PINKY XXX DOWNLOADABLE DVDS - We are dropping these on New Model Mondays on November 11th. Judii Booty has been the number one seller for the last 2 months!!! Thanks for your support!

July 24, 2019 by
Yep, it took me a minute to set up and open this site (3 years), but now we are adding our Classic DVD content from our NY"s Finest Exotic Dancers of Color and Best of DVDs to our new Downloadable DVD Greatest His collection featuring all your favorite models like Scarlett, Miss Toni, Leila, Italia and Latin Spice, mixed in with some of the hot new models such as LawdMercy, Dallas Da Body, Creme DC, Zaemia and Black Thunder. You can stream or download Downloadable DVD's forever as long as your account on Hunniez stays open. If you are curious in what order we will be releasing new shoots. 1) Downloadable DVD Store (a few weeks after shooting content). 2) DVD Disk Store (a month after shooting content). 3) (a few months after shooting content). Since models will be promoting our Downloadable DVD's it makes sense for us to drop them in our Downloadable DVD Store and reap the benefits. If you are curious in what order we will be releasing our Greatest Hits. 1) Best Sellers of All Time (yep I got the data). 2) My favorites who were not necessarily top sellers. 3) Other models fans might like, that didn't have that thick body or big ass. Top questions I've heard from fans? 1) Why close Mainly, they layout and functionality was limited as is most prepackaged website software, iPhone users hated it too LOL. So I started customizing this site at the same time I open So in other words, was always gonna be replaced by this site once it was completed. Also expiring email links are a thing of the past since you can stream or download Downloadable DVD's forever as long as your account on Hunniez stays open. 2) This site seems unfinished? Hey it took 5000 hours of design and programming to set this site up, but at some point it had to be opened to the public so it can be debugged and start making money. There is no way we could have opened it with all our content. Our archive is too massive. 3) Why close Same deal, EDVOD was supposed to be a site where models could have their own site on that platform, but it was too early to execute that concept. Plus the idea of selling all our content for 1 price is not good for business. Like any business, we have to maximize profits. 4) Is closing? Never, that's my first baby, but we may reduce the number of back issues available from 4 years to 3 years at then end of 2019. 5) Why don't all the new models go totally nude like the old classic models and dancers? Blame social media and the success of the Internet. A lot of new models are shook and live in fear of being exposed since the Internet is known for file sharing. I kill 2000 illegal links a month of ChocolateModels content. Only models and strippers that's really about that life, don't give a fuck about that, and will still bare all to the masses. 6) Is opening up again? That domain name is done, but we will be adding that content to Hunniez right here Most videos will be in the Downloadable DVD format which means you can download or stream it as long as your account on Hunniez stays open. Visit CM Downloadable DVD Store (Enter promo code GRAND25 and take 25% Off, expires Sunday 8/4/19) Leave your questions or comments below. Trent Davis aka Jordan Scarlett's Greatest Hits Volume 1 Italia's Greatest Hits Miss Toni's Greatest Hits Latin Spice's Greatest Hits Leila's Greatest Hits

October 14, 2019 by
Yes, it's the time again to save BIG on your favorite models and exotic dancers. Just enter promo code COLUM20 at checkout to get 20% OFF EVERYTHING!! Sale starts now and ends on Tuesday October 15 at midnight! MS MIAMI & MS MYSTERIA DC - New Downloadable DVD's - We are a little late droppin these videos. They was supposed to drop on New Model Mondays, but I got too busy doing some other stuff for the site. Ms Miami no doubt has one of the biggest asses ever. Sure she is enhanced, and she ain't trying to hide it cause she even wrote a book about it called I am Not My Body but I Wanted a Bigger Butt. On another note, Ms Mysteria DC told me she was one of the models featured on those classic websites Rear2View and ButtsInMotion!! I was like WTF! U a legend, LOL. I knew she looked familiar. She was one of the models who always wore a mask! Get them Downloadable DVDS NOW and stream or download FOREVER!! Visit store MS MIAMI MS MYSTERIA DC MS CLEO & ALMOST A MILLIONAIRE Downloadable DVD's Coming - We dropping these on New Model Mondays on October 21 for sure. Hunniez Website Updates - A lot of fans are supporting the new site, thanks for the love. We have almost 3000 users. We are updating these model sites with their last 4 months of videos and photo shoots this weekend. Asia Lovey, Brittish Heavens, Bunz4ever, Elegance, Jada Gemz, Jazzmin Jonez, Mizz Jada Thyck, Ms Birthday Cakez, Pharaoh Body, Rocaholix, Tiffany Days and Sugar Jones. Get Ms Miami Book on Amazon

December 27, 2019 by
It's our end of the year after Christmas Sale. Starts now and ends January 2, 2020. Take 25% off everything in our Downloadable DVD store and DVD Disk Store!. Just enter promo code XMAS25 at checkout to get 25% OFF EVERYTHING!! We now have almost 150 Downloadable DVDs in our store. Stream and Download Forever! Even on the iPhone! VISIT DOWNLOAD STORE - VISIT DVD DISK STORE - Kali Kakez and Tiffany Days Downloadable DVDS - We are dropping a whole lot of Downloadable DVD's in 2020 and we just released our new Pawg model Kali Kakez and the whole Tiffany Days collection Volume 1 thru 4. We just did a brand new shoot with Tiffany Days wearing some I Dream of Jeanie type outfits, SEE PIC BELOW. But those won't be dropping until February 2020. GET NEW KALI KAKEZ and TIFFANY DL DVDS - Spring Break Video News - Since we have added tags to our ChocolateModels Downloadable DVD store, which makes creating categories for videos so much easier, we will be adding our Spring Break Videos to this store starting in January. So we will be closing the Spring Break Video store. Plus I really didn't feel like running 2 separate stores, too much work, LOL. Thanks for your support!

April 8, 2020 by
Mizz DR is a thick big booty Dominican model best known for helping launch the eye candy modeling era. In fact when she came in to do her shoots with Chocolate Models, Mizz DR was just getting started in the game. She was brought to us by model Jazzie Belle who at that time was working with a lot of beautiful curvy models. Mizz DR is Dominican and she has one of the best asses we have ever seen. Her curves are all natural, and her ass is soft like a pillow. Granted we never touched Mizz DR's ass, we are strictly professional, but it looks soft as fuck! Mizz DR was in the news a few years ago for being arrested. Fortunately, everything worked out for her and she was able to leave the USA and move back to her home the Dominican Republic. Mizz DR's website features 8 hot videos and 1100 plus photos. MIZZ DR WEBSITE PREVIEW PHOTOS MIZZ DR FREE BIG BOOTY PREVIEW VIDEO MIZZ DR WEBSITE - VISIT NOW BEST OF MIZZ DR ON YOUTUBE

April 8, 2020 by
Trina Starz X is a thick black stripper and model who recently came in for a shoot with Chocolate Models. Trina Starz X has a super laid back easy going personality and was fun to work with. You might think the X in her name was for X rated but no, Trina Starz X recently dropped the X from her name and now just goes by the name Trina Starz. Trina Starz X Downloadable DVD Video is 85 minutes and features 9 videos! TRINA STARZ X VIDEO SCREENSHOTS - THICK AND SEXY! WATCH TRINA STARZ X PREVIEW VIDEO TRINA STRAZ X DOWNLOADABLE DVD VIDEO

April 4, 2020 by
Bella Laveau is a hot redbone stripper who we shot a few years back. Bella Laveau has some some of the sexiest eyes and a nice phat ass to match. Her Downloadable DVD Video is 121 minutes of twerking. LOL. Bella Laveau definitely had great energy and was pleasure to shoot! BELLA LAVEAU PREVIEW VIDEO - WATCH IT NOW! BELLA LAVEAU DOWNLOADABLE DVD VIDEO