Feature Panda Bear CM Hunniez Downloadable DVD 022 (64 Minutes)
August 24, 2019 Store CM Downloadable DVD Store
$ 17.98
Video Stats : 64 Minutes, 1920x1080, 8 Videos
Panda Bear (38C-29-49) really is an amazing woman. She has one of the best all natural asses we have ever seen and she know how to twerk that ass like a professional. This is Panda Bear's first ever pro twerk videos so we know her fans are gonna love this. You may have seen her twerking on Instagram but you have never seen her like this. (64 Minutes)
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Waste of money. Ass is phat but she takes off not a damn thing. You might as well put the preview on repeat. Barely PG
I always wonder why many of the girls who do full disclosure on their personal sites, come on NYCM and stay clothed up. Still trying to figure that one out. The lighting and video on this platform is superb, so wouldn't it make sense to do your best work here?