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1 DVD for $15, 2 for $30, 3 for $45, 4 for $60, 5 for $70, 6 for $80, 7 for $90, 8 for $100, Each Additional DVD Add $5. Shipping is Free for USA Residents and PR. For all orders outside the USA and/or for Express Mail add $30.00 Shipping Fee.
Mail money orders, checks, cash to: UVP, P.O. Box 110620, Jamaica, NY 11411-0620. Check and money orders should be payable to: UVP
Customers prefer downloadable and streaming videos so it was time to phase out some older DVD's and make that content available on Eventually all models who we have shot with us will have their content hosted on their own web site on or available on our Downloadable DVD store. See our Models A-Z Directory for current models available.
No, we only accept orders on this site for USA customers only. You can however place your order by mail order, and you must include $30.00 extra for shipping.