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NYC has reopened so we are now back to shooting the thickest models and strippers on the planet. Granted we do all shoots now wearing N95 masks and face shields but if that's what it takes to shoot new models, that's what we gotta do. OMG Delene Smith asked me to help her oil up that ass, but due to social distancing rules, I had to refuse. LOL, SMH! Discipline like Mr Spock!!!!!!!!!! DELENE SMITH IS NOW 210 POUNDS!!!! Yep she just entered the HEAVYWEIGHT CLASS! Enjoy these new pics. Downloadable DVD coming around mid July! ZARA GO NOW TWERKS LIKE A PRO! She came correct for round 2, I was stunned how she was moving that ass! Downloadable DVD coming around mid July! NEW CAMERAS! We upgraded from our Lumix G3 and G5 to a Lumix FZ300 and ZS80. They definitely have crisper 1920x1080 video and we could even shoot 4K if there was a real demand for it. We can also shoot super slo mo at 120 FPS which is fun. Does anybody really wanna see 4K?

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Creole Barbie aka Aundreana Rene have the best tits and and ass combo we have ever seen. As yall know finding chicks with ample tits and ass seems to go against nature's plan. Seems women are only blessed in one department if any. Big asses are more prevalent now than ever. Big titties are definitely more rare. Creole Barbie is a hot nude stripper who we recruited straight off of Instagram because unique body and pretty face caught our attention. At the time we shot her she was living in the New York City area, but then she suddenly moved to California. Her Downloadable DVD videos are pretty hot. The thing is though, when chics have ass, tits and a pretty face like Creole Barbie, generally they don't know what you want to see. LOL. We always try to shoot to a model's strong points. Like if they have a gut, you will never see a head to toe camera angle. It's definitely our job to bring out their best. And Creole Barbie offers you the best of both worlds. Big tits and big ass! Let me know in the comments below if you think Creole Barbie has the best tits and ass combo, and if not which one of our models would you select. CREOLE BARBIE VIDEO SCREENSHOTS CREOLE BARBIE PREVIEW VIDEO CREOLE BARBIE DOWNLOADABLE DVD VIDEO CREOLE BARBIE LINGERIE VIDEO FROM YOUTUBE

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Monai Maebach is a sexy nude porn star and former stripper who may be one of our freakiest models. On her hardcore porn movies Monai Maebach was best known for her dick sucking skills. No doubt when working with certain models you can almost sense the sexual prowess. Like right underneath the surface there is a beast ready to come out to fulfill all your sexual desires. Monai Maenach definitely has that type of energy. Her Downloadable DVD is 115 minutes and features 8 hot videos. And of course as you can see from the screenshots below she goes totally nude. MONAI MAEBACH VIDEO SCREENSHOTS MONAI MAEBACH PREVIEW VIDEO GET MONAI MAEBACH DOWNLOADABLE DVD VIDEO WATCH MONAI MAEBACH INTERVIEW

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Lissa Aires does have one of the best asses on the Chocolate Models roster of hot sexy women. When we first met her we immediately noticed her 2 best assets. Her sexy lips and her phat ass. Lissa Aires looks like the type of chic that would be doing hardcore porn movies if the hardcore porn business was still poppin. But it's not so, so if you like thick nude Latina models with phat asses, you are gonna appreciate what Lissa Aires brings to the table. First off, Lissa Aires goes totally nude. She is not one of those strippers who is afraid to strip naked. LOL. Lissa Aires loves to twerk her ass. She is not one of them models who gets tired and act like they lost and confused after 1 dance video. LOL. Lissa Aires probably likes to fuck. And she has the type of dick sucking lips that men fantasize about and appreciate. And you can definitely feel that energy when you are watching her Downloadable DVD videos. All her nude dance videos are in Full HD, 1920x1080, and her Downloadable DVD Video is 130 Minutes. LISSA AIRES NUDE VIDEO SCREEN CAPS WATCH LISSA AIRES SEXY PROMO VIDEOS LISSA AIRES NUDE DOWNLOADABLE DVD VIDEO - ORDER NOW! BEST OF LISSA AIRES VIDEOS FROM YOUTUBE! Just in case your need to see more of Lissa Aires check out these videos.

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Shyne Diamond is one of the sexiest models we have ever shot. Shyne Diamond is a twerker from France. She is the type of woman that looks great from all angles and she has that all natural sex appeal. She said she was mixed Middle Eastern and Black which is exotic! We haven's shot too many models from France. The list is short but includes Rosee Divine, Amnezia Ass and now Shyne Diamond. Her videos were shot with a slightly different lighting than our usual shoots. Her Downloadable DVD is 45 minutes and includes a sexy scene in the tub! Overall she is one of the best twerkers we have ever shot. Do you know any other hot twerkers from France? Is she the sexiest? Let us know what you think in the comments, SHYNE DIAMOND DOWNLOADABLE DVD VIDEO SCREEN CAPS WATCH SHYNE DIAMOND PREVIEW VIDEO GET THE SHYNE DIAMOND DOWNLOADABLE DVD VIDEO - CLICK LINK BELOW!

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Nia Bangzz has a beautiful butt. That's and absolute fact. When she first came in for a shoot with ChocolateModels we were completely impressed with what we saw. Nia Bangzz has that radiant look. Totally aware of just how delicious her body is. Of course when she started to get naked, to our surprise, Nia Bangzz also had some nice tits too. When we released her videos on ChocolateModels website a few years ago the fans wanted more. We tried to locate Nia Bangzz for another shoot, but just like that, POOF she vanished off the Internet. All her social media accounts were closed. But we are happy we at least got 1 classic shoot with the goddess. Her Downloadable DVD features 9 hot video and is 100 minutes long. A must have for any big booty fan. Does Nia Bangzz have the perfect butt? Let us know in the comments below. WATCH NIA BANGZZ SEXY PREVIEW VIDEO GET THE NIA BANGZZ DOWNLOADABLE DVD VIDEO - 100 MINUTES

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Mizz DR is a thick big booty Dominican model best known for helping launch the eye candy modeling era. In fact when she came in to do her shoots with Chocolate Models, Mizz DR was just getting started in the game. She was brought to us by model Jazzie Belle who at that time was working with a lot of beautiful curvy models. Mizz DR is Dominican and she has one of the best asses we have ever seen. Her curves are all natural, and her ass is soft like a pillow. Granted we never touched Mizz DR's ass, we are strictly professional, but it looks soft as fuck! Mizz DR was in the news a few years ago for being arrested. Fortunately, everything worked out for her and she was able to leave the USA and move back to her home the Dominican Republic. Mizz DR's website features 8 hot videos and 1100 plus photos. MIZZ DR WEBSITE PREVIEW PHOTOS MIZZ DR FREE BIG BOOTY PREVIEW VIDEO MIZZ DR WEBSITE - VISIT NOW BEST OF MIZZ DR ON YOUTUBE

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Bella Laveau is a hot redbone stripper who we shot a few years back. Bella Laveau has some some of the sexiest eyes and a nice phat ass to match. Her Downloadable DVD Video is 121 minutes of twerking. LOL. Bella Laveau definitely had great energy and was pleasure to shoot! BELLA LAVEAU PREVIEW VIDEO - WATCH IT NOW! BELLA LAVEAU DOWNLOADABLE DVD VIDEO

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Ms Yummy is one of the best models who ever did a shoot with ChocolateModels. Her all natural big tits and plump ass makes her one of our top models. The best scene is when Ms Yummy oils up her big tits and ass. Of course as a woman who has done a few porn scenes Ms Yummy has no problems getting nude on our videos. As a former exotic dancer, Ms Yummy also has some great dance moves when she gets on our dance stage. Check out the video screen caps below and be sure to watch her free preview video, link below. MS YUMMY PREVIEW VIDEO - WATCH IT NOW MS YUMMY DOWNLOADABLE DVD - SEE MORE Sponsored By

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Mal Malloy has got to be the curviest PAWG model we never shot. There is something about one of those amateur pawg models. The type that's not interested in the porn business but is interested in taking amateur photos for thirsty men to adore them. When we first saw Mal Malloy, at least 5 years ago we were like OMG, who is this new thick white chick with the sexy BBW hourglass figure. Lets face it, you don't see to many white chicks with this type of body. Maybe with their clothes on, but with their clothes off, HELL NAW. That's why even 5 years later we still have to show Mal Malloy some love. Those classic videos of her modeling some sexy clothes in her house are still poppin on YouTube right now. Check the videos below. MAL MALLOY SEXY VIDEOS CLASSIC VIDEOS BEST OF MAL MALLOY VIDEOS MAL MALLOY SEXY PHOTOS https://www.freeones.com/html/m_links/Mal_Malloy/links/