December 28, 2020 by
SugLips is a brand new dancer coming in January 2021. Her all natural curves, pretty face and sexy booty are amazing, Her nickname is the arch queen. What she does with that Hennessy bottle is amazing.

June 21, 2020 by
NYC has reopened so we are now back to shooting the thickest models and strippers on the planet. Granted we do all shoots now wearing N95 masks and face shields but if that's what it takes to shoot new models, that's what we gotta do. OMG Delene Smith asked me to help her oil up that ass, but due to social distancing rules, I had to refuse. LOL, SMH! Discipline like Mr Spock!!!!!!!!!! DELENE SMITH IS NOW 210 POUNDS!!!! Yep she just entered the HEAVYWEIGHT CLASS! Enjoy these new pics. Downloadable DVD coming around mid July! ZARA GO NOW TWERKS LIKE A PRO! She came correct for round 2, I was stunned how she was moving that ass! Downloadable DVD coming around mid July! NEW CAMERAS! We upgraded from our Lumix G3 and G5 to a Lumix FZ300 and ZS80. They definitely have crisper 1920x1080 video and we could even shoot 4K if there was a real demand for it. We can also shoot super slo mo at 120 FPS which is fun. Does anybody really wanna see 4K?

May 28, 2020 by
Leila Volume 2 has been remixed to FULL HD. Almost 2 hours from one of the baddest chics we have ever shot. And she definitely makes our top 10 list for hottest nude dancers. Old school fans already know about her legendary status as one of the top dancers in New York City. You newbies, well you gotta learn as you go. LOL. You be the judge. WATCH LEILA V2 PREVIEW VIDEO GET LEILA DOWNLOADABLE DVDS MEMORIAL DAY WEEK SALE CONTINUES Starts now and ends Sunday May 31st at midnight! Just enter promo code MEM25 at checkout to get 25% OFF EVERYTHING! Take advantage as this will probably be our last sale until July 4th!!

April 25, 2020 by
Chelas Way is a sexy big booty Afro Latina model from New York City who has some seriously wide hips and a phat ass. You may have seen her in print mags like Straight Stuntin. Her Downloadable DVD is 72 minutes in length and features 8 hot videos. CHELAS WAY VIDEO SCREENSHOTS WATCH CHELAS WAY PREVIEW VIDEO GET CHELAS WAY DOWNLOADABLE DVD TOP CHELAS WAY VIDEOS ON YOU TUBE

April 14, 2020 by
Butterfli Love is a hot new nude model and twerker with a sexy all natural body. Butterfli Love is one of those super friendly women who puts you at ease as soon as you meet her. A lot of times women like this don't wanna get naked but Butterfli Love is not that chic, she enjoys being nude model. You will appreciate her all natural hips and ass. Butterfli Love also love to work out. If fact during our shoot she showed us some pics of herself when she was a gym rat with like 8% body fat. She looked amazing. Fortunately for us she came in for her Chocolate Models shoot, with a more natural thick woman body, at 30% body fat. Of course we cannot forget to mention her sexy tongue. One of the best body parts a woman can have is a beautiful long tongue. It does not take much imagination what they can do with that. LOL. Anyways get her Downloadable DVD Video now, it's worth every penny! WATCH BUTTERFLI LOVE PREVIEW VIDEO GET BUTTERFLI LOVE NUDE DOWNLOADABLE DVD VIDEO

April 10, 2020 by
How the hell did we not shoot Malian Michel? Honestly there is no legit explanation. We have been seeing her on the net for at least a decade. She is one of the few strippers that had a buzz on the Internet before social media blew up. She set the standard for strippers by being featured in the top print men's magazines like Black Mens Only, Straight Stuntin and Smooth Magazine. Granted we were happy with our amazing lineup of stripper but we shoulda hit her up. No post about Malian Michel would be complete with seeing her in motion MALIAH MICHEL CLASSIC STRAIGHT STUNTIN VIDEO And Malian Michel was never afraid to say she was living that stripper life. We respect that 100%. And Malian Michel is one of the few women that other women love giving compliments to. Her pretty face, sexy all natural curves, and great personality make her a rare breed. Malian Michel was born on December 10, 1983, which makes her a Sagittarius and amazing she is not even 40 years old yet. Let take a walk down memory lane. SOME CLASSIC PHOTOS OF MALIAN MICHEL Check out some more sexy Maliah Michel videos below, enjoy!

April 8, 2020 by
Mz Berry is thick Black stripper with a huge ass and big tits. As yall know, big asses and big tits are a rarity on the same woman. Mz Berry is definitely thick in all the right places. Access her 5 dance videos in FULL HD. As well as her behind the scenes photo shoot videos. Her Downloadable DVD video is 93 minutes! MZ BERRY DOWNLOADABLE DVD VIDEO SCREENSHOTS - CRAZY CURVY BOOTY MZ BERRY PREVIEW VIDEO - WATCH HER DANCE MZ BERRY DOWNLOADABLE DVD VIDEO

April 8, 2020 by
Trina Starz X is a thick black stripper and model who recently came in for a shoot with Chocolate Models. Trina Starz X has a super laid back easy going personality and was fun to work with. You might think the X in her name was for X rated but no, Trina Starz X recently dropped the X from her name and now just goes by the name Trina Starz. Trina Starz X Downloadable DVD Video is 85 minutes and features 9 videos! TRINA STARZ X VIDEO SCREENSHOTS - THICK AND SEXY! WATCH TRINA STARZ X PREVIEW VIDEO TRINA STRAZ X DOWNLOADABLE DVD VIDEO

April 4, 2020 by
Mariela aka Miss Dominican Thickness is one of the hottest women to ever shoot with ChocolateModels. Most fans would put her on their top 10 list of their favorite dancers. Mariela has the looks, the curves and the moves to keep any man satisfied. She always had the confidence too, like yeah I know I'm a bad bitch!! We shot tons of videos and photos with Mariela. Her site currently has 29 videos and 4700 plus photos which is a whole lotta content. NYC has some the the baddest Dominican women, and Mariela is right at the TOP! WATCH MARIELA AKA MISS DOMINICAN THICKNESS PREVIEW VIDEO NOW VISIT MARIELA AKA MISS DOMINICAN THICKNESS OFFICIAL WEBSITE

April 3, 2020 by
Mal Malloy has got to be the curviest PAWG model we never shot. There is something about one of those amateur pawg models. The type that's not interested in the porn business but is interested in taking amateur photos for thirsty men to adore them. When we first saw Mal Malloy, at least 5 years ago we were like OMG, who is this new thick white chick with the sexy BBW hourglass figure. Lets face it, you don't see to many white chicks with this type of body. Maybe with their clothes on, but with their clothes off, HELL NAW. That's why even 5 years later we still have to show Mal Malloy some love. Those classic videos of her modeling some sexy clothes in her house are still poppin on YouTube right now. Check the videos below. MAL MALLOY SEXY VIDEOS CLASSIC VIDEOS BEST OF MAL MALLOY VIDEOS MAL MALLOY SEXY PHOTOS