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You have to admit Bernice Burgos is one of the sexiest Puerto Rican models on Instagram. Her curves are legendary from the eye candy modeling era to NOW! And her pretty face will always keep you focused on her beauty. Bernice Burgos has been in the modeling biz for a long time, even after all these years she is still crushing the competition. How some women maintain their amazing looks as they get older is a mystery, but Bernice Burgos seems to not have that issue. All her videos are sexy as hell.
You can only imagine how many men have enjoyed her sexy photos and videos. Faping just seems to be a normal part of life in 2020. Thanks to YouTube sexy videos of top Instagram models are super easy to find. Seems making compilation videos of Bernice Burgos is a part time job for some of these YouTubers. LOL
Apparently Bernice Burgos hits the gym on the regular, check out some of her workout videos, they will definitely inspire you to workout something, LOL.
As far a pics go Bernice Burgos has an endless amount of sexy pics on the net. These are just a few of our favorites.
No doubt she is a very sexy woman
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